What to do With an Accidental Van in Melbourne

Posted On November 24, 2016

Are you worried about a totalled or wrecked van that has been hogging up your garage for the longest of times? Finding a buyer willing to pay a fair price for accidental vehicles is nearly impossible. In Melbourne, a lot of vehicles are bought and sold each day. People in Melbourne are aware of the tight-knit automobile market, and know that selling accidental vehicles, especially vans, can be a tedious task. The reason is that vans don’t have a very high functioning market among private vehicle owners, and when it is been in an accident, it loses a lot of value.

Well, the Melbourne automobile market, now offers a solution for your accidental vans and UTEs. Automobile removal and wrecking companies like Total Car Removal offer to buy your accidental or totalled vans and UTEs. Such companies make the whole process much easier than your regular car selling methods like car sales or advertising online on social media or platforms like Gumtree.

The easiest way to Sell your Accidental Vans and UTEs in a responsible way requires you to contact a Car Removal and Wrecking company. Picking a reputed and reliable company will only ensure that you get the best of what is being offered, so don’t just go about opting for the first company you come across.

Instead, do some research and look for a company that provides a good price as well as excellent services. If you don’t have a clue about which company to opt for, Total Car Removal is one of the best in Melbourne. You can contact us at 0422 999 605. We have been serving the people of Melbourne for 15 years now with successful and satisfactory dealings in all parts of the city.

The process goes like this:

  • You contact the automobile wrecking company and they provide you with free quotes. The quotes are entirely non-obligatory so you can opt for the offer that suits you best.
  • Once the quote has been agreed upon, the company will remove your Van or UTE from your premises, completely free.
  • The price you were offered, which can go up to $10,000, will be paid to you on the same day. If needed, the transaction can be made in hard cash.
  • The company will be responsible for the paperwork, removal, payment and the recycling of your van.

No need to worry about owning an old, wrecked or accidental van that you can’t seem to sell anymore. You just need to make a call and the rest will be taken care of. Save yourself the efforts and time involved in trying to sell your van for a fair price. Not to forget, some customers require you to get the vehicle fixed, which means you end up spending on a car you were looking to get rid of.

No more problems like this when you can avail the services of companies like Total Car Removal. The services provided are top notch, with fair Quotes and an eco-friendly recycling system that doesn’t put the environment in danger.

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