How to Protect Your Car from Melbourne Summer Heat

Posted On November 30, 2017

The UV rays of the sun can not only cause damage to humans, but to their cars, as well. High temperatures have an effect on cars with most of the time owners not being aware of the damage that is being caused. Total Car Removal being one of the most Popular Used Cars Dealers,  provides Melbourne car owners with the following tips on how to protect their cars from heat damage during the hot months.


  • Wash & wax

    Washing your car should be done weekly to help clean the car’s paint of elements that can get crusted onto the paint. Once they are stuck on, the paint gets immediately damaged. With the heat during the hot months it is easy for this to happen and permanent damage is done to the paint. Waxing your car will help to protect dirt and particles from sticking onto the paint, as well as help to lock in the natural oils from your car’s paint to keep the paint from fading and cracking.

  • Paint protection systems

    Auto shops offer various kinds of paint protect systems that are good to help to keep your car protected in hot weather. The systems come as a spray or coating that are easily administered and protect the car from harmful substances, scratches, sand, and sometimes dents.

  • Keep your car in a shaded or roofed area

    When your car is parked, park it under a roof or shaded area to protect it from the sun’s UV rays.

  • Check your Tyre pressure regularly

    With each fuel up, check the tyre pressure in your tyres to be sure that they have not inflated in the hot weather. Also, be sure that they have the proper tread depth as with hot, deflated tyres the tyres can blow with contact of the scorching road surfaces.


Use windshield sun shades – When you park your car in an area where it will be exposed to the sun and heat, use sun shades to protect its dashboard and steering wheel.

Tint your windows – Having your windows tinted will help to protect the interiors of your car as well as you and your passengers from the glaring sun and its heat.

Regularly clean the interiors of your car – Cleaning the interiors of your car will help to protect the car. Clean, vacuum and apply protectants and conditioners to the interiors of your car.

Putting seat covers over the seats – Seat covers add more than a little comfort and style; they help to protect your seats from sun damage, as well as food and beverage stains.


Be sure that the fluids in your car like your transmission, motor oil, coolants, and brake fluids are at the proper level during hot weather. Top them up when necessary. Be sure when removing the transmission cap and cap’s to other components that could cause a burst of hot fluid to wait at least an hour for your car’s engine to cool before removing the cap.

Be sure to keep an eye on your battery – Batteries can be depleted during hot weather. Also battery fluid evaporates quicker than during other seasons which can corrode battery terminals and connectors.

Your car’s air conditioning needs to be in good condition – If you find that the air flow is weak or temperature is insufficient it can be a sign that the refrigerant charge level is low or that you need to have your AC repaired.

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