Depending on your location, the entire car removal process can possibly be done in under one or two hours, which includes inspection, paperwork and car collection. However, we are very flexible and we can schedule days or weeks ahead if you’re not going to be available until then. We will work with you to come up with a convenient time for you to have your car collected.

We base our preliminary pricing on the details given to us in the initial message. This is just to give you a rough idea of how much to expect from your car. If you proceed with the car removal, we then give you a final sum after we personally appraise your vehicle on-site. This can deviate upwards or downwards from the initial estimate depending on what we see. Included miscellaneous items (e.g. spare keys) can also influence the final offer.

You will receive your payment via cash on-site, bank transfer or cheque. To maintain your confidence, we do not collect your car until you have confirmed the transfer.

Yes, if you are suddenly rendered unavailable at the appointed date, you can authorise a proxy to complete the sale in your standing. However, we require written consent from the legal owner before we can finalize the deal, to confirm their acknowledgment of the sale.

No, we offer our services for free, which includes valuation, inspection and car removal. However, we ask that you are completely sure and have the time vacated before you schedule a pickup.

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