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Don’t let a few dents and scratches convince you that your car is worthless. No matter how damaged the car, our damaged car removal service in Melbourne will pay you a hefty amount for it. Your damaged car can very well fund your next holiday or a brand new TV. With our damaged car removal service, you get instant cash with no hidden costs or conditions. We use a two-fold pricing system that you get the most of your damaged car. We take into account model, age, mileage and condition and calculate an approximate price for your car. Then we personally appraise the car on-site as we inspect your car firsthand, and conclude with a final valuation.

If you want to have a damaged car removed, call us at 0422 999 605 or fill out our online form to get in touch with one of our experts and see how much you can make with our damaged car removal service.

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Why Us For Damaged Cars?

  • Lightning-quick response times:  We make it a duty to provide a swift response to any call or message as soon as we receive it. And depending on your location, we can get to you in as little as an hour.  So if you need to have your car removed ASAP, or have in dire need for some quick cash, you can expect our damaged car removal service to have you covered.
  • Best prices for your car:  No matter the condition, no matter the make or model, we pay you top cash for cars. Our two stage valuation process ensures that you get the most accurate value for your car up to prices of $9999. And all this for absolutely no cost to you with no hidden costs or conditions.
  • Reliable service from an authorized dealer:  We are licensed professionals that have years of experience in the damaged car removal industry. As such, we have the technical know-how to get your car out of your house smoothly, no matter the situation. And since we are authorized dealers, you can trust that our services are legitimate and free from problems that are common with private buyers.

How our Damaged Car Removal system works

  1. Preliminary valuation

    Give us a call at 0422 999 605 ready to provide us with the correct details of your car. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form with your car’s details, and we will get back to you with an immediate cash offer.

  2. Offer confirmation

    If you accept our proposed offer, we can then proceed to scheduling a pick up date where we can also conduct our final valuation. We work together you to ensure that we find a time that fits with your timetable.

  3. Sale completion

    At the scheduled date, we make our way to you to finalize the damaged car removal process. Our experienced removalists can also assist you with any paperwork pertaining to your car. You will receive your payment on-site in the method of your choosing, whether it be cash or funds transfer to your account. We also do not collect your car until you confirm the payment, so you know that you are protected in all stages of the process.

Important Items

Photo identification and proof of ownership:  In order to confirm that you are the legal owner of the car, we require you to have these documents ready before we can finalize the damaged car removal process. If you are carrying out the sale as a proxy, we ask that you provide written consent from the legal owner of the vehicle.

Outstanding payments:  If your vehicle is encumbered, please contact the financier and request a current payout in writing. This is usually a quick and simple process, however we cannot continue with the process until you get it sorted out.

Other items:  Having accessories, log books, service receipts, spare keys, and other extras handy can all help bump up the value of your car during appraisal.

Why Choose Us

We at Total Car Removal are dedicated to providing high quality service and earning you top cash for your car. We make it so that selling your car is a simple and stress free process, and walk you through every step of the way. As licensed and authorized professionals, we our bound by code of practice that enforces our integrity as a legitimate dealership. Because of this, we can don’t have to worry about getting undercut or running into trouble, like you would with private buyers. Our free no obligation quote system, ensures that you are well informed of everything before you commit. And our “don’t collect until you confirm” system keeps you protected through the entire process. In summary, we do everything in our power to maintain a high quality service that ensures that you get the most of your car.

So why wait?  Call us now at 0422 999 605 or use our online form and make tons of instant cash today.

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