Best Car Maintenance Tips

Posted On March 11, 2018

For many people taking care of their car is like looking after a baby. You pay close attention to the sound it makes and what it needs and when. Car maintenance can be even more than that. These car maintenance expert tips will help you and your car no matter what car you drive. If you can resist, try not to live by the sea... Sea air is not good for

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How to Protect Your Car from Melbourne Summer Heat

Posted On November 30, 2017

The UV rays of the sun can not only cause damage to humans, but to their cars, as well. High temperatures have an effect on cars with most of the time owners not being aware of the damage that is being caused. Total Car Removal being one of the most Popular Used Cars Dealers,  provides Melbourne car owners with the fol

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The Worth of Accident Car in Melbourne

Posted On November 29, 2017

You might believe that the car that has been in an accident can hardly fetch you any dollars. It could be a small scratch or a huge wreck which could result in your car being totalled. At such situations, it would be extremely helpful for you to know the value of your scrap car before you decide to sell it to a Trustworthy

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Why Sell Your Unwanted Car to a Recycler In Melbourne?

Posted On August 4, 2017

Selling your unwanted scrap car to a third party dealer in Melbourne would usually mean that your car is in mint condition to get the best possible price for it. A dealer would not be interested in the car if it’s not in working condition as it cannot be resold. In the case that your car has been written off or is scrap, they would not bother negotiating and offer you peanuts if they decided to

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How Car Removal Companies Work In Melbourne

Posted On June 30, 2017

Car removal companies in Melbourne are gaining popularity but there are many people still sceptical about their services. Companies like ours, Total Car Removal, in today’s post hope to answer the common questions regarding removal companies so that it’ll help our customers to convert their cars into cash. How Cash for Car Companies Work? The process is sim

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Sell Your Wrecked Car In Melbourne

Posted On April 28, 2017

It is sad to observe that there are hundreds of Melbourne residents with wrecked cars and since they don’t know what to do with them, they have left the cars to collect dust and rust in their driveways. You should be informed that there are quite a number of places you could take your wrecked car where you could get top dollars for them. All you have to do is evaluate your options and m

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Make Cash Out Of Your Old Car

Posted On February 14, 2017

Do you have an old car lying around in your garage that you don’t know what to do with? If yes then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Much of the population of Australia has unwanted cars that they think can be of no good use to them and so these cars just rust in garages for years. This is not just wastage of storage space for the owners but is also harmful to the environment. Here are vari

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Tips To Get Cash By Selling Your Old Cars

Posted On January 17, 2017

The automobile industry continues to witness a phenomenal growth as the number of citizens owning cars continue to rise. But with this, it is also sufficient to say that there is an increase in the number of cars which are not being used, either because they are worn out beyond repair or they are old and the owners prefer to use the newer models. Sell your Car in Melbourne Unknown to ma

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Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Car Removal Service

Posted On December 9, 2016

A professional car removal service is a great option to Get Rid of Your Old or Damaged Car. It is not only a quick and easy way to earn some cash, but you also get the peace of mind that your vehicle is being recycled and disposed off correctly. Total Car Removal is one of those highly reputed car removal companies who take care of your vehicle, no matter what’s happened to it.

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What to do With an Accidental Van in Melbourne

Posted On November 24, 2016

Are you worried about a totalled or wrecked van that has been hogging up your garage for the longest of times? Finding a buyer willing to pay a fair price for accidental vehicles is nearly impossible. In Melbourne, a lot of vehicles are bought and sold each day. People in Melbourne are aware of the tight-knit automobile market, and know that selling accidental vehicles, especially vans, can be a t

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