Best Car Maintenance Tips

Posted On March 11, 2018

For many people taking care of their car is like looking after a baby. You pay close attention to the sound it makes and what it needs and when. Car maintenance can be even more than that.

These car maintenance expert tips will help you and your car no matter what car you drive.

  1. If you can resist, try not to live by the sea…

Sea air is not good for your car. Why? Because the sea air contains salt particles that can rust metal 15 percent faster than a regular town or country air. You can expect your car to rot away a lot sooner if you live by the sea. Live away from the sea in the country and do your car a little favor. And your AC and refrigerator and other electronics too!

  1. Regular servicing is a must!

Just like how we humans need to have regular checkups from a doctor to make sure we are healthy, our car needs that same attention too. It is important that you get your car serviced every year so the little problems that might occur in your car do not get worse over time.

Replace the old oil with fresh oil. Have a local mechanic do a healthy check on your vehicle to make your vehicle last longer. After all, your safety depends on the condition of your car.

  1. Try to Park your Car In the Covered Parking

Having a covered car parking is not available to every car owner. If you have a garage or covered parking at your office or residence then park your car inside especially in the winter months. Hail storms can damage your car which can cost you a lot of dollars in repair.

  1. Never Let Your Kids (Or Anyone Else) Drive Your Car

It is pretty obvious that you should not let anyone who does not have a driving license to drive your car. It is still recommended that you keep the steering in your hand even if your young kid or an enthusiastic neighbor owns a driving license. Kids these days are passionate about driving rough and fast. This could wear your tires and cause your engine to heat up.

Look after your car well and take it to a professional mechanic for regular servicing so your vehicle remains in top condition. If your car is smashed or not road worthy anymore despite all the maintenance, contact Total Car Removal Melbourne to sell your car for top dollar.

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