We at Total Car Removal are a fully licensed and authorized service provider in the online car valuation and cash for cars industry. For years, we have been servicing customers all throughout Melbourne, providing swift car removal and top dollar for each and every one of them. Our company values providing high quality service that is quick and reliable, and relieves the customer of the stress that usually comes with selling a car.
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We purchase all types of cars, from Sedans and 4WDs to Utes and Commercial cars. Our business operates on a system of recycling.  We buy your car off you and find other uses for the car. This may include dismantlement for scrap metal or reusing the parts for other purposes. This way, you can avoid the stress common with finding a buyer or dismantling for parts, as we do it all for you. Implicit in all this, is that you are helping the environment by having your car reused for better purposes, rather than letting it remain as a possible source of pollution.

What puts us leagues ahead of the competition is a great combination of expert service and attention to detail. We put you in the driver seat and make sure that you are getting what you deserve. In terms of money, this means that you are getting up to $9999 cash for your car. Now even if your car is a little worse for wear, don’t worry. Our inspectors have years of experience, and years of helping people get money for their car. We’ll make sure that your car will earn you it’s exact value, no more no less.

With us, you can expect a high quality service from preliminary valuation all the way up to car collection. We pride ourselves in providing fast, efficient and smooth car removal. This is due to the fact that we are staffed with experienced and highly capable employees that are extensively trained to think fast on their feet and overcome any issues. Not only that, our employees are very knowledgeable about many facets of the business. So if you’ve got an issue or need assistance with paperwork, we’re more than glad to help you.

Total Car Removal is a fully licensed business authorized to perform car valuation and removal. This means that unlike private buyers, we are bound by a code of conduct and business regulations that have been established to protect your rights. Too many private deals end awry for the seller as they often get blindsided by hidden conditions or just outright underpaid. However, with us you need not worry about that. We make sure that you are completely aware of everything that is happening and understand the implications before we do anything. To show our commitment to you, we don’t even collect your car until you yourself have confirmed the payment and expressed your satisfaction.

All in all, Total Car Removal is the best and most reliable place for easy cash and fast car removal.

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If would like to contact us for a cash offer or an enquiry, call us now at 0422 999 605, or alternatively fill out our easy online form to get in touch with one of us. If you would like an immediate cash offer, make sure to include the correct details of your car in your initial message. Have a nice day!

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